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A By High Precision Mechanical Milling
  Inclusive Services:
  No Minimum Order of boards (as little as ONE board)
  One to three days delivery service
  FR4 material in 0.4, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 & 1.6 mm thickness, ½ oz , 1 oz or 2 oz copper, Single/Double Side ) or your own materials
  Max PCB size: 195 mm x 285 mm
  Minimum Line Width/Spacing 0.2mm (8 mils): Additional Charge is required for 0.1mm (4 mils)
  Available drill size: from 0.3 mm (in 0.1 mm increment)
  Minimum plated drill hole : 0.3 mm (0.8 & 1.0 mm thickness board) /  0.4mm (1.6 mm thickness board) in 1:4 Aspect
  Plating thickness: 0.012 - 0.016 mm (Adding an extra of 0.5 - 1 oz of copper). Extra thickness is available.
  Mechanical cutout for modeling or dummy making
  Contour routing and slot cutting of any shape
  Surface Finishing: Bare Copper, Immersion Tin or OSP
  RF or Microwave boards fabrication (Please specify material to be used)
  Multiple designs of PCB in one A4 size panel allowed
  Student Discount is available
  Made in Hong Kong  
  Daily production capacity: around 1,000 cm2
Single Side (Non RF or Microwave applications) 3 days (HK$) 1 day (HK$)
Minimum Charge 100.00 Add $80
Reference Price About $400/A4  
Double Side (Without Through-hole Plating)
Minimum Charge 150.00 Add $100
Reference Price About $550/A4  
Double Side (Galvanic Through-hole Plating)
Minimum Charge 250.00 Add $150
Reference Price About $750/A4  
Solder Resist Mask (May not applicable to 1 day service) . By U/V curable Solder Mask with Maximum board size of: 270 x 160mm Depends on size  
We are pleased to work with specifications (such as multi-layer). For small quantity sample, (e.g. 20, 50 - 200 pcs),. For other requirements not listed above, please call us for details (Tel: 2344 3389) or send your request to sales@long-tech.com.hk
What you should submit: (Export procedures: Eagle, Protel... etc..)
1. GerberX (RS-274-X), Gerber + Aperture format for layers, DXF, Sieb & Meier.
2. Board Outline / mechanical layer Please specify Contour and slots);
3. NC Excellon Drill text file for plated and un-plated holes;
4. GerberX / Gerber files for Soldermask Top & Bottom layers(optional)

Finally, send all files to sales@long-tech.com.hk.

1. Please ensure that design requirements fall within the standard guidelines;
2. Hole size diameter will be reduced by 0.05-0.08mm (2 mils) after electro-plating. Please prepare enough clearance to ensure connectors/components can be fitted;
3. All holes have proper pads for through-hole connections from top to bottom layer;
4. Board is viewed as looking through from top (component) layer side.

Order Cut off time
12:00 pm for Mon to Fri (Pub Holidays, Sat & Sun- No service)


min gap:0.1mm


Contour and slot

Our Equipments: LPKF S-62, DM-40 Circuit Plotters and LPKF Mini LPS Plating Tank
  Made in Hong Kong