Demo Unit S62 (2006) High Precision Circuit Plotter


(Spindle needs attention, only manual tool change, drilling and milling is normal)

Unit Can be fully restored by replacing spindle unit (HK$20,000) for perfect working conditions.

Plus free tools and consumable




For Sale ! Plating tank for only HK$5,000

Electroplating in 3 single steps (cleaning, activating & plating)

Reliable, Economical and no knowledge of chemical is required


New Protomat Circuit Plotters with upgrade options are launched. Your initial investment is protected as entry models can be upgraded to powerful models with upgrade kits.

  2. LPKF/Long Tech (HK) in Electronics Asia2013 - HK Convention Centre

Key Features: 3D Circuit structured by Laser (LDS - Laser Direct Structuring on Non-Uniform plastic surface). Direct Structuring of High Density with superb speed and accuracy with Laser - LPKF ProtoLaser Model S

  3. (Sept-09) : The City University of Hong Kong had selected and installed the LPKF ProtoLaser S for fabrication and prototyping of High Frequency MicroWave and RF circuits.

For more information about the ProtoLaser S, please Click HERE:

4. PCB Express Prototyping Services is AVAILABLE
  With Speedy Delivery and Affordable Price!
  Just send us the Gerber / Drill files and boards will be ready as early as 1 HOUR.