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Circuit Plotter - From CAD to Prototype in Minutes 

  LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotters form a coordinated system that combines advanced machine technology, powerful CAM software, and high-quality tools and accessories for the in-house manufacturing of prototype and small-batch printed circuit boards. LPKF plotters can solve your most complex and diverse design tasks, such as multilayer through-hole and SMT board prototyping, front panel layout, test adapter design, and more.
ProtoMat S-103 ProtoLaser S- Direct Structure with Laser 3D Circuit (MID Applications)
Mixed-signal boards
The superior milling speed and accuracy of the LPKF ProtoMat Circuit Plotters makes it easy to produce a wide range of mixed-signal PCBs in-house. Multilayer boards can also be produced in-house in a single day when the using Protomat Circuit Plotter with a through-hole plating system and a multilayer press.  
Production of RF and microwave designs
The use of RF milling tools provide steep, sharp cutting edges for track side walls, as well as minimum and uniform material removal on all standard RF and microwave PTFE-based substrates such as RT/duroid.  
Processing of sensitive surfaces
The non-contact machining-depth limiter (Models: S103 and H100 only) senses the material surface and controls the penetration depth of the tool into the substrate. Because it avoids contact with the material surface is perfect for machining soft and flexible materials with sensitive surfaces.  
Comparison Circuit Board Plotters
Application S103 S63 S43 H100 S62 M60 E33
Milling and drilling single- and double-sided circuit boards * * * * * * *
RF and microwave circuits * *   * * *  
Multilayer PCBs up to 6 layers ## * * * * * *  
Contour routing of circuit boards * * * * * * *
Flexible and rigid-flex circuit milling * *   * * *  
Front panels/sign engraving * * * * * * *
Machining cut outs in front panels * *   * * *  
SMD stencil cutting * * * * * * *
Housing production * *     *    
Wave solder pallets * *     *    
Depanelization and rework * *   * * *  
Test adapter drilling * *     *    
Inspection templates * *   * * *  
  ##  in combination with LPKF MultiPress S und LPKF Electro-plating tanks