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Through-Hole Plating
LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS electroplating system for creating multilayer printed circuit boards.
The LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS are through-hole plating systems specially developed for the professional production of prototype and small batch production printed circuit boards. The systems are ideal for any rapid PCB prototyping situation, especially small runs and tight work locations. No analysis or special chemical knowledge are needed.
The systems use switchable reverse pulse plating, producing more uniform copper plating for difficult aspect ratios and smaller holes.
PTH without Chemicals
The LPKF ProConduct® introduces revolutionary technology to produce plated through-holes, which does not require a plating tank or potentially hazardous processing chemicals. This compact system is extremely fast and easy to use. Its rapid parallel processing method delivers completely safe, reliable and thermally stable via plating results for double-sided or multilayer boards.  
  How To Apply ProConduct
1. Mill the board with a LPKF circuit board plotter. 2. Apply special adhesive film to the surface of a milled PCB and drill the through-holes.
3. Drilling the board 4. Apply the conductive polymer to the PCB to fill the through-holes, then use the vacuum table to remove the excess conductor.
5. Remove the film cure the treated PCB in an oven for about thirty minutes.