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SMT Assembly / Reflow Oven           ( protoflow.wmv )
Lead-free Reflow Process
User-friendly LCD display ensures easy operation
Preprogrammed with industry standard profiles
Integrated USB communication port for easy programming of reflow profiles and process recording and analysis
Motorized drawer for easy access and automatic cool-down after reflow process
Inert gas option prevents oxidation during process
USB connectivity
  The ProtoFlow is LPKF's premiere convection oven, ideal for lead-free reflow soldering, meeting the stringent demands of rapid PCB soldering applications. The ProtoFlow features even heat distribution, easy programming, and many pre-definied temperature profiles. The compact design and efficient power consumption make it one of the most useful components in any rapid PCB prototyping environment.
  The LPKF ProtoFlow is a convection oven for lead-free reflow soldering. It is a key component in rapid SMD prototyping and small batch production. Compact and versatile, the ProtoFlow offers a large working area with motorized drawer for automatic cool-down and easy access, and microprocessor controlled temperature/time profiles. The LPKF ProtoFlow is excellent for SMD Reflow soldering, adhesive hardening by precipitation, hardening by precipitation of conductive paste for plated-through holes, and other thermal procedures.
  The LPKF ProtoFlow can be fitted with a flow meter for inert gas to prevent oxidation during the reflow process, assuring optimal results of soldered joints.
User-Friendly LCD Display
  The LCD display allows for extremely easy data setting. All profile parameters such as temperature, process duration, and cooling airflow can be individually programmed and stored as custom profiles, both in the ProtoFlow memory and via USB cable onto a host PC, allowing for virtually unlimited flexibility and profile storage.
Profile Logging and Process Optimization
  The LPKF ProtoFlow can be fitted with four optional thermocouple probes, which can be mounted anywhere on the PCB or components, allowing for complete data logging of temperature changes and instant feedback to the user. This data can be stored on a PC and analyzed later.
Motorized Drawer
  The LPKF ProtoFlow is equipped with a motoized drawer which allows easy access to the circuit board. The drawer can be programmed to open automatically, starting the cool-down phase. An operator is not required to constantly attend the process.
Lighted Process Chamber
  Observe the process through the ProtoFlow's window. Integrated interior lighting reveals the status of the soldering process and allows for on-the-fly job modification where needed to optimize the reflow process.
Inert gas option
  External connection with flow meter for inert gas is available for the LPKF ProtoFlow. Nitrogen atmosphere reduces the chances of oxidation during the process and ensures superior soldered joints.
SMT Pick & Place System protoplace.wmv
The LPKF ProtoPlace is an ergonomically designed, semi-automatic pick & place system for the professional assembly of SMD printed circuit board prototypes and small batch projects. The ProtoPlace quickly assembles SMD boards, with the user controlling each step of the assembly process through an LCD display. Most functions are easily executed from an interface panel with four directional arrows
  A camera system coupled with the display ensures easy and accurate component positioning control, so the ProtoPlace can precisely assemble complex circuits.
  Manually guided movements of the ProtoPlace manipulator can be locked in both the X- and Y-directions, and fine adjustments can be performed using micrometer screws. A pneumatic device supports the positioning of the components, eliminating errors and guaranteeing accuracy.
  Three different feeders supply the components. An integrated dispenser for solder paste is standard equipment, and the ProtoPlace can be equipped with an additional reworking station.